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Colored & Metallic Wood Gel Stains

Perfetto WoodGelTM is a water based wood stain product which seals wood in one application with minimal grain raising. Our wood gel stains are available in 20 rich colored wood stains and three metallic concentrate additives (Gold, Silver and Copper) which may be added to the stains to create metallic stains with any level of metallic shimmer desired. Clear WoodGelTM may be used to seal raw wood, or be added to stains to extend or soften the color. The black concentrate is an excellent additive for darkening wood gel colors.

WoodGelsTM are highly concentrated; they may be applied to raw wood, but we find that the applicator has more control if they seal the wood first with clear WoodGelTM and then rub the stains into the wood. Sealing first binds the wood fibers thereby decreasing its porosity and prevents the stain from soaking in as much and therefore enables the applicator to wipe off the amount of color desired so the final color can be crafted to the level and hue desired. Wood Gel stains work great for tinting faux painting glazes for color washing, color blending, aging, and especially for faux wood applications.

Metallic Mart is your one stop shop for decorative painting and faux finishing products. We manufacture wood gel stains and many other faux painting supplies including metallic paints, mica pigment powder, and Shimmered Suede paint for both residential and commercial use.