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Metallic Plasters are becoming more and more of a requested finish. Perfetto has come out with some awesome products with even more being developed. With a chemist on staff, our limitations are endless! Browse to find the perfect metallic plaster. We carry gold, silver, bronze, copper & many other colored metallic plasters.

Flat Rock Shimmer Pearl Paste Portofino

Flat Rock - Shimmer is a high solids water based plaster, with excellent film build. It is typically applied with a trowel. It is excellent for brick and stone type effects. It trowels beautifully in that it has a creamy marsh mellow type texture. The product is fairly similar to Flat Rock but has large pearlescent shimmer particles that give it great stone like reflection. It is well suited for use in faux bricks and stone effects. Order an 8 oz sample of both today.

Coverage is estimated at 75 sq ft per gallon, depending on application method.
Flat Rock is available in shimmer base and tint base only, however it is easily tintable with the Blue Pearl Faux Colorants.

Pearl Paste 

  Blue Pearl - Pearl Pastes are acrylic water based pearlescent metallic plasters which offer limitless design possibilities. As a result of their relative high viscosity, these products are typically applied with a trowel and have exceptional tolling strength, which enable the achievement of rich lustrous pearlescent textures and patterns. Pearl Paste is available in 13 colors including blue, coffee, ruby, violet, blue & gold plasters.


Portofino is an elegant, shimmering, pearlescent coating which is typically applied with a stainless venetian style trowel. Coverage is estimated at 100 - 125 sq feet per gallon.

Portofino - MSDS
Roccia PL Shimmered Suede
Roccia PL



Perfetto Paints Products are the highest quality line of
decorative products, manufactured in the USA, for the “Trained Professional” or
“DIY Enthusiasts”. All Perfetto products are created with the finest materials
available. At Perfetto Paints we are committed of creating the most stylish and
cultured finishes in the market. Additional products include Basecoats, Wall
Glazing Creams, Glazing Cream Colors, Metallic Plasters and several Venetian
Plasters and aggregate plasters.

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