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Metallic Pearlescent Glazes | Blue Pearl Glaze

Blue Pearl Metallic Glazes are available in 77 factory colors. These glazes enable the achievement of soft, subtle and sophisticated broken pearlescent color with relative ease. This is largely attributed to the productís exceptional open or working time which is essential in producing consistent and reliable results on large scale projects. Despite these crucial performance characteristics, it is the rich, lustrous color which has largely been responsible for the products success. Blue Pearl metallic paint glazes are excellent for hand painting and fine art work. They are receptive to all water based paints and tints such as Blue Pearl Faux Colorants or universal tinting colorants.

Blue Pearl Metallic Pearlescent Glazes are quite translucent in nature allowing the background color to reflect through the finish. As a result, the color perceived is a combination of the background color reflecting through coupled with the color of the metallic glaze. This allows the accomplishment of virtually limitless subtle or bold elegant color with one Metallic Pearl Glaze by changing the background color. Simply roll the glaze on over a good latex paint such as a semi-gloss and pad or pounce with an ordinary piece of plastic to break the glaze up and allow to dry. We do not recommend use over a flat latex because "flats" are porous and may cause the glaze to soak in. Use Perfetto Canvas White, one of our Tinted Bondago's or semi-gloss latex for best results. Metallic Paint Glazes are a great solution for someone wanting a metallic wall finish. In all the product shots below, the glaze was simply "stippled" or pounced on with an inexpensive "Chip" brush.

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Metallic Glaze - Aqua Metal Metallic Glaze - Balmy Sky Metallic Glaze - Blue Blossom
Metallic Glaze - Blue Metal Metallic Glaze - Blue Stone Metallic Glaze - Bold Lemon
Metallic Glaze - Bronze Copper Metallic Glaze - Browned Brass Metallic Glaze - Buff Yellow Pearl
Metallic Glaze - Burnt Mahagony Metallic Glaze - Charcoal Metallic Glaze - Charred Bronze
Metallic Glaze - Chartreuse Metallic Glaze - Creamy Pearl Metallic Glaze - Dusted Blue Pearl
Metallic Glaze - Early Thyme Metallic Glaze - Garden Rose Metallic Glaze - Gold
Metallic Glaze - Gold Ox Metallic Glaze - Green Metal Metallic Glaze - Iridescent Blue
Metallic Glaze - Iridescent Gold Metallic Glaze - Iridescent Green Metallic Glaze - Iridescent Red
Metallic Glaze - Iridescent Violet Metallic Glaze - Iris Metallic Glaze - Kitchen Copper
Metallic Glaze - Lavender Cotton Metallic Glaze - Luster Pearl Metallic Glaze - Magistrate's Gold

Perfetto paints offer the highest quality products including: beautiful decorative finishes, with many slow drying metallic glazes. Create stunning metallic effects with this easy to use glaze. Use alone over a base coat or apply over Color Glazes for a multi-dimensional look. Perfetto paints recommends using the following techniques: color washing, stippling, dragging, sponging and rag rolling. Perfetto Metallic Glaze questions? Please Contact us or Call 402-502-5087