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Perfetto Paints Flattening Agent was formulated to help flatten or dull the sheen of our glazes, and paints. This product is to be added in whatever quantity works best for the level of flatness/dullness you are trying to achieve.

Perfetto Paints Plaster extender is to be used to extend the open time it's plaster line of products.

Perfetto Paints Wetting Agent is a water-soluble medium used to promote open time or drying time of water based materials. Typically concentrations of up to 30 or 40% by volume may be added to help promote additional open/working time of the Perfetto Glaze and Blue Pearl Glazes.
Perfetto paints offer the highest quality products including: Flattening Agents, Plaster Extender, Wetting Agent.

Do you have questions on using any of our products please Contact us or Call 402-502-5087