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Silk Soft Radiance-Metallic Texture Paint | Interior Metallic Paints

Perfetto has developed another elegant and unusual paint product. Silk Soft Metallic Paint is a revolutionary, subdued metallic paint product that is ideal for walls or architectural elements. It has exterior capability and is very durable with excellent adhesion.

Traditional metallic paints are very reflective and metallic looking. This is why often times they are used for ceilings, molding, or accent pieces. Typically when a metallic paint is used on walls, it has a glaze over the top to soften the extreme metallic look. A whole room of metallic paint would be too much for most people because it would be too reflective to live with all the time. The Silk Soft gold paint, for example, is not as reflective and shinny, so would be better when using on larger areas.

The President and Chemist of Blue Pearl Paint, Ted Heath, developed Silk SoftTM to provide the discriminating home owner with a subdued and softened alternative to metallic paint. Thus, Silk SoftTM was born. Silk SoftTM offers a considerable metallic paint look, but it is toned down and has almost a silky grass cloth look and feel. Silk SoftTM would be great metallic paint for walls or as a metallic base coat for a faux painting, glazing technique, similar to matte metallic paint.

The Silk Soft Swatch Brochure has a dab of all 78 colors as well as application instructions on the back cover. Remember, often times photographed and computer modified colors as well as your computer monitor will distort the actual color on your screen. Therefore, we recommend that you order a Silk Swatch Brochure or an 8.oz sample to see the actual color prior to purchasing a large amount for an actual job.

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Silk Soft Paint - Amherst Gold Silk Soft Paint - Asian Silk Silk Soft Paint - Autumn Berry
Silk Soft Paint - Bavarian Cream Silk Soft Paint - Black Current Silk Soft Paint - Blanched Almond
Silk Soft Paint - Blue Spice Silk Soft Paint - Blue Suede Silk Soft Paint - Blueberry
Silk Soft Paint - Brandy Silk Soft Paint - Bubble Gum Silk Soft Paint - Burgundy
Silk Soft Paint - Cantaloupe Silk Soft Paint - Cape Horn Silk Soft Paint - Cappuccino
Silk Soft Paint - Caribbean Gold Silk Soft Paint - Caribbean Mist Silk Soft Paint - Charred Cyprus
Silk Soft Paint - Chenin Blanc Silk Soft Paint - Cork Silk Soft Paint - Cotton Candy
Silk Soft Paint - Crimson Barberry Silk Soft Paint - Desert Rose Silk Soft Paint - Dusted Rose
Silk Soft Paint - Earth Silk Soft Paint - English Pea Silk Soft Paint - Flamingo
Silk Soft Paint - Ginger Root Silk Soft Paint - Gold Silk Soft Paint - Gold Clover