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Perfetto's Cackle Paint products are all acrylic water-based crackle mediums that may be tinted or color washed to achieve the desired color. Perfetto crackle products are designed to be used over Perfetto Crackle Size. The Crackle Size is applied first by brush, spray or rolling, allowed to dry for at least one hour (more or less depending on conditions), then one of the crackle products may be applied over the top. As with all Perfetto Crackle Products, applying the size fairly thick will help with the crackle process, resulting in larger cracks as thinning the Crackle Size with water and applying a thinner coat will tend to yield small cracks. The four primary factors that affect the size of the cracks on all Perfetto crackle products are...
1) The thickness of the Crackle Size
2) The thickness of the coat of Crackle product applied
3) The drying conditions
4) The direction the Crackle product is applied
Applying an average coat of Crackle Size, allowing it to dry and them putting on a very thick coat of the crackle in an environment of warm circulating are will provide large obvious cracks. If brushed, the crackle products tend to crack more in the linear direction of the brush stroke. It is for this reason that we often recommend stippling or pouncing the crackle on in a very thick manner.
It is strongly recommended that numerous samples be created before going "live" with these products, to guarantee the results you are looking for.
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Known as just CHP, this is a chipping crackle, meaning any place that there is not any Crackle Size, it will chip off. CHP is also excellent for use as a chipping agent under paint. In most cases Chp should be used in conjunction with Crackle Size to obtain adhesion. Unlike the other Perfetto crackles, CHP must be sealed with a clear sealer, such as Bondago Clear prior to color washing.
Grossezza XT
Grossezza XT Crackle is a water based plaster type of crackle. It is typically used by applying a thin coat of "Crackle Size" to the base coat and after about an hour, when the Crackle Size is dry, the Grossezza XT crackle is applied. The thinker you apply the Crackle Size and the thicker you apply the XT, the larger the cracks. This crackle can also be used over the Roccia PL plaster without the need to use Crackle Size. You simply roll or trowel on the Roccia PL and then once its dry, trowel a thin to medium coat of the XT Crackle over the top and you have a beautiful layered crackle. This is typically done in a patchy manner to allow some of the PL plaster to show through. The video on Old World Bricks done by Perfetto Chemist Ted Heath is a very good instructional video.
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Perfetto Paints offer the highest quality Crackle products. Do you have questions on using any of our products please, Contact us or Call 402-502-5087