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Metallic Glaze Merlot over metallic paint Charred Brown Brass is a beautiful, elegant and "high-end" finish with a broken Pearlescent look.

Tips for Applying - Blue Pearl Metallic Glaze

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Step One

Metallic Glaze Step-by-Step How To: Step 1.
1.) Start off with either Blue Pearl Bond Coat or a good quality latex paint like an acrylic semi-gloss from a good manufacturer like Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore as your base coat. Remember that Metallic Glazes are translucent which means the background color you choose will impact the overall color, because the background color will reflect through the glaze. A metallic glaze such as a gold for example, will look very different over white background than a black background. Off white backgrounds typically are very good for metallic glazing. In this example, we rolled on Blue Pearl Metallic Paint in the color Charred Brown Brass and then applied the metallic glaze Merlot over the top.

Step Two

Metallic Glaze Step-by-Step How To: Step 2.
2.) Once the background basecoat is dry, have one person roll on the metallic glaze fairly thin and a second person come along behind and or pounce the glaze with a some sort of plastic bag or dry cleaning plastic. Put the glaze on thin. The glaze is translucent, allowing the background color to show through. You are not wanting the glaze to "cover". Another good softening tool for metallic glazing or any glazing is to use a terry cloth towel to pad the glaze with. In fact, it is recommended both techniques are implimented.......pounce with bag and then soften with towel. These are simply and effective techniques for metallic glazing. Metallic Glazes as with Blue Pearl clear Glazes are easily tinted with Blue Pearl Faux Colorants
3.) Allow to dry for several days. A protective topcoat is only necessary for rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens or young childrens rooms where water and unusual levels of wear and tear are commonly expected. Top coat with a clear acrylic like Blue Pearl Semi-gloss clear or a water-based Urathane or`Varnish. Metallic Glazes are very slow drying which is essential for large walls. However, they are essentially an artistic medium. Fine artists and muralists will appreciate how easily acrylic art paints may be mixed into the metallic glaze to give the art paint a beautiful pearlescent reflection. Blue Pearl metallic glazes are a great solution for those seeking a pearlescent or metallic soft and broken metallic look. They are easy to use, very forgiving and give a great strong or soft broken metallic appearence. Metallic Paint can product lap lines when rolled by an inexperienced applicator. Placing a metallic glaze over a metallic paint can enhance the metallic look and will cover or blend out lap lines. Metallic glazing is one of our favorate techniques. It provides a soft broken metallic look and you can control the pattern. It is often times the solution to the metallic look you are seeking.


Metallic Glaze Finished Sample.
The Final Finished Sample of the Metallic Glaze Merlot over metallic paint Charred Brown Brass is a beautiful, elegant and "high-end" finish with a broken Pearlescent look.